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Schuh announces 2-book deal with Imajin Books

( January 27, 2012 -- St. Paul, Alberta author, Eileen Schuh, announced yesterday she signed a 2-book deal with Edmonton publisher, Imajin Books. “The contracts are signed and the advances are in the bank,” Schuh says.

Just last year Schuh launched her quantum science fiction novella, Schrödinger’s Cat as well as her debut novel, The Traz—which is the first novel in her multi-book BackTracker series.

Imajin Books picked up the publishing rights to the sequel of The Traz as well as the rights to release a second edition of The Traz ebook.

“It is wonderful to have a publisher get behind this series,” says Schuh. She admits she enjoyed seeing The Traz through to publication on her own but anticipates that collaborating with Imajin Books will get her better exposure to the national and international marketplace and increase her online sales. "I'm also looking forward to the finesse and polish that a good publisher's expertise bestows on a book," she says.

Schuh is flattered that Imajin Books approached her and signed on for the sequel to The Traz before she'd even finished it. "That means they have no doubts about my story-telling abilities," she says. "When an experienced and successful publisher believes your novels are potential money-makers, it’s a real confidence booster."

The second ebook edition of The Traz will be released under the Imajin banner this spring while the sequel to The Traz will be launched in late summer or fall.

The Traz is a novel about a 13 year old girl who falls in with a biker gang. In December, Corrections Canada invited Schuh to use her book to reach out to at-risk youngsters at the North Slave Young Offenders Facility in Yellowknife. She also presented to children at the SideDoor Youth Center in Yellowknife and will visit students at the St. Paul Alternate Education Centre in February.

As well, she will be speaking at the Literacy Day celebrations in the St. Paul MultiPurpose Room behind the library this Saturday, 28 January 2012 at 12:30 pm. Throughout the event, she will also be signing and selling her books.

In St. Paul, you can purchase both The Traz and Schrödinger’s Cat at the CoOp Gas Bar, Value Drug Mart, and at the Curling Club. They are also available in both ebook and print formats from all fine online bookstores. If people can't find the books on the shelves of their local bookstore, they can ask to have them ordered in.

For more information or for an interview, please contact:

Eileen Schuh
ph: 780-645-7890

Imajin Books
Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Publisher


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