This novel had a long, long trek to fruition. After countless revisions and edits and re-reads, thousands of hours of research and discussion, and many tears, I'm happy to announce that Noraebang has now been published as SHADOW RIDERS. This is the most difficult book I've written, both in subject matter and presentation. Domestic violence is not easy to understand, is almost impossible to put to words, and (as many beta readers told me) not a topic one wants to read about in fiction.

*Noraebang translates to ‘Singing Room’. It’s Korean for the very popular private karaoke rooms, rented by the hour, in larger centres in South Korea.

An earlier version of this 73,000-word adult novel, set partially in South Korea and partially in western Canada, placed 9th in the 2007 Bookland Press Charity Aid Literary Contest.

The exotic backdrop of South Korea and the outward drama of kidnapping, murder, and drug smuggling will keep readers turning the pages. However, the psychological turmoil that the heroine endures as her relationship with her captor evolves contains the real story.

Noraebang is the story of a strong independent woman’s descent into subservience and her subsequent struggle to regain the soul her captor stole. Although Allie’s circumstances are far from ordinary, her desperate need to love and be loved is a vulnerability common to many women who, like Allie, find themselves trapped in abusive relationships.