Back Tracker series

This series of edgy young adult novels skillfully entwines the characters’ psychological, emotional, and spiritual development with law enforcement’s dramatic battles against cyberspace crime, drugs, and murderous biker gangs.

Katrina’s life as an orphaned runaway, immersed in an adult world without parental control, will mesmerize adolescent readers. Although Katrina will be forever haunted by the poor choices she makes as a young teen, she is a survivor. Her inner strength, derived from the lessons she learned from her father and grandparents, carries her through to adulthood. Her eventful and traumatic life eventually endows her with the maturity, insight, and compassion she needs to love, to trust, and to forgive.

The Traz: Prequel to the Back Tracker Series is a beautiful book: a study of good intentions and evil deeds; the role of the brain, the power of brawn, and the influence of emotions; the coming of age of a young girl. It’s about friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, and survival. In this novel rests the origin of ‘Back Tracker’, the cutting-edge computer programme Katrina later develops. ‘Back Tracker’ is a potent symbol of the crucial intertwining of Katrina’s past and present-and the power she comes to wield.

Back Tracker I: is Katrina’s journey back from hell. Weep with her as she recovers from her grief. Pray for her as she struggles with the legal and emotional consequences of her time with The Traz biker gang. Cheer for her as she takes her first tentative steps into adulthood.

Back Tracker II: Firewalls: at 19, Katrina embarks on a career in fighting cyberspace crime. Her blossoming career almost collapses under the emotional weight of her traumatic past. It’s in Back Tracker II that Katrina learns to forgive, to love, and to trust.

Back Tracker III: Revamped and Flipside: Katrina, a young pregnant bride, is called on to participate in a top secret project designed to thwart organized crime’s attempt to hijack cyberspace. This novel’s bitter-sweet ending sets the foundation for Katrina’s amazing accomplishments over the years yet to come.