“A riveting plot & dynamic characters will leave you craving more." 


"...a horrifying, suspenseful trip.”


"Shadow Riders is a thriller with depth and weight and fully explored characters...."


From the moment she falls in love with the ‘bad boy’, the very core of her being is forever changed.

Allison Montgomery is wrapping up a career as a successful entrepreneur when she’s brutally kidnapped and whisked to South Korea. To ensure her survival, she gradually forges a bond with Carbon, her smooth-talking but abusive captor, a bond that over time proves incredibly strong.

Jail time, death threats, counselling—nothing can convince Allie to betray her illicit lover.

However, a team of dedicated cops, an understanding lawyer, her ex-husband— there are those who persist in believing she can break free of Carbon’s hold. She must. Justice for six massacred men depends on it.