Did you know...


Did you know...


...women blink twice as often as men?


My trivia contest is over, but I'm still a fun-facts buff.


I learned about blinking this morning during my annual eye exam.  I'm not sure WHY women blink more often than men, but apparently we really do "bat our eyelashes" a lot.


The next time you're not sure if you're sitting across from a man or woman--count the blinks. 


Hmmmm, perhaps I can use that bit of trivia in my next novel.  An important clue that helps solve a mystery...


and the winners are... CONTEST TRIVA

Thank you to all the authors and commenter who have made this the grandest and most fun contest in cyberspace! 

Here are the winners and their prizes:

Earlybird draw winner of Cheryl K Tardif's THE RIVER: Sarah Butland  


Three special draw winners from those who commented on Cheryl K Tardif's trivia. Prize: eBooks LANCELOT'S LADY Winners: Renita Jenkins, Kelly Komm, Jackie Fairborther Robinson


Consolation prize: Angela White's 3 books in her LIFE AFTER WAR series in pdf format Winner: Gabrielle Campbell  


Grande Prize 13-book prize pool: Winner: Beth Reinke  


The Grande Prize included: Angela White

TWISTS & TURNS (signed), PDF thrilling short story

SHORTS & SWEETS is a collection of Fantasy, Horror, and Romance stories PDF

THE SURVIVORS (Deluxe edition) PDF

THE MOUNTAINEERS PDF Book I of futuristic ALEXA'S TRAVELS series  


Eileen Schuh THE TRAZ - ebook SCHRÖDINGER’S CAT (winner's choice eBook or print)  


Gerald Weinberg EARTH'S ENDLESS EFFORT paperback  


Darden North, Md. HOUSE CALL signed paperback POINTS OF ORIGIN signed hardcover first edition


Alina Adams multimedia ebook SKATE CRIME MULTIMEDIA  










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...the blast from a thermal detonation is so bright, it will blind every living thing that happens to be facing in that direction?  Even with their eyes shut tight. Scary stuff.

Angela White is the Author of 10 books, including an apocalyptic horror series titled Life After War and a fantasy apocalypse set called Alexa's Travel's. She is also the Owner of Cloud 9 Publications and The 2012 Survival Blog.


For more information on Angela and her books, visit:


Thank you to Angela for this trivia and for chipping 7 books into the prize pool.  You're the best!




Did you know...

...that one 5Mt(Megaton) Warhead can completely destroy an area larger than a city?

During the research for my Apocalyptic Fiction series, I found out it would devastate 60 square miles in every direction and seriously damage another 200-300 miles. Imagine what a larger missile would do!

Stay tuned for another catastrophic trivia fact from author, Angela White.


Angela White is the Author of 10 books, including an apocalyptic horror series titled Life After War and a fantasy apocalypse set called Alexa's Travel's. She is also the Owner of Cloud 9 Publications and The 2012 Survival Blog.

Angela is generously offering 7 ebooks as contest prizes.  Leave a comment beneath this posting and all other Did you know...? Contest Trivia posts for chances to win Angela's books and/or books being offered by other participating authors.



Did you know....

...the bikers' names in my novel THE TRAZ are "hokey" for several good reasons?

A professional reader of one of the novels in my BackTracker series boldly wrote in red that my bikers' names were altogether too "hokey" and that I was seriously guilty of stereotyping my bad boys.

Pepper, Zed, Gator, Stack, Shrug, Saber, Carbon...I wondered which name most annoyed her.  I had learned however, at an RCMP seminar on gangs, that bikers truly do have hokey handles--and for good reasons.

If you've followed the recent spate of biker gang trials, such as the Hells Angels and Bandido murder trials, you already know that bikers have extraordinary names.  Chopper, Crash, Big Paul, Wrong Way...Wolf, Ripper.  Yeah, the list goes on.

Giving a biker a hokey name isn't stereotyping anymore than putting a red dot on a Hindu lady's forehead is stereotyping.

So, why do gangsters have ridiculous names? Were their mothers a bit off-center? Did their weird names make them mainstream outcasts, thereby causing their criminality?

Well, no and no.  Most have quite normal names on their birth certificates.  It's the gang culture that changes that.

One reason gangsters have silly names is a reason we can all relate to--by giving and having nicknames, the gang members feel they belong and that they are special to one another. Just as we give nicknames to our family members and friends. 

Pet names are like circling the wagons and protecting our group from outsiders.  It also identifies the group to whom we belong.  If your friends all call you Blondie but the guy on the phone is asking for Theodor he is likely a tele-marketer and you can, without conscience, hang up. 

This issue of brotherhood and belonging is a big one when it comes to handing out hokey names to gang members.  Many, many lonely and lost fellas (and some gals), with few or painful family ties, seek out criminal gangs to fill their need to belong.  Nick names often reflect something nostaligic about the relationship of the individual to the gang.  Wrong Way carries with his name a piece of gang history.  It's a name that will prompts stories, perhaps even elicit laughs or respect--yet it means nothing to someone outside the gang.

There are other important issues that also come into play during the Naming Game.  Weird names disguise real ones.  Suppose the cops get little Johnny to talk about his drug habit and his purchasing info.  Little Johnny eventually caves beneath the bright lights and tasers and concedes he got his kilo from Pepper.  The follow up question, "Pepper Who?" will elicit a blank stare, ending the investigation before it gets started.

It's pretty hard for any outsider to track down Pepper's real identity, his place of work, or his home.  If the rival gang is out for revenge, they won't find Pepper in the phone book and won't be able to track down Pepper's woman or kids.

Silly names create a wall between a gangster's sinister life and his family and business lives.  If someone, like a cop or a rival, comes into the office looking for Pepper, the secretary isn't going to be able to point him out.  As well, if you hear via the grapevine that Pepper can get you an M16, you won't realize that Pepper is actually Michael, the forklift operator, who last night unloaded your sod right outside your front door.

Likewise, if one were to, say, unexpectedly win the Pulitzer Prize and is caught up in flashes of the paparrazi, it isn't likely that a rival gangster or the cops are going to recognize that the Eileen Schuh so graciously accepting the envelope is none other than...

It was fun to think up hokey names for my bikers.  Lotsa fun...


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